A Reflection of 131

Over the course of my first semester in college, I have most certainly become a better writer. Through this class I have learned to think critically and put thought behind my words. I have written four essays for the books we read in class as well as short reflective pieces. My most significant work had … More A Reflection of 131


An end to an era

The Devil in the White City, by Erik Larson is a duel narrative telling the tales of Burnham, an architect and H.H Holmes a serial killer. Burnham oversees the Chicago World’s Fair of 1883; the fair was designed to compete with France’s Exposition and out Eiffel, Eiffel. On the other hand, Holmes builds a hotel … More An end to an era

Trouble in Paradise?

Trouble in Paradise? In Heidi Shrek’s Creature, Margery Kempe, the wife of John and new mother to their child, believes she meets the devil after giving birth to her son. Amodeus, the devil, tells Margery she should wait to confess her terrible sin until she is on the verge of her death. This encounter with … More Trouble in Paradise?